Overseas Projects - 9 Years Experience

  • Kamtech Services Inc. (1994 - 1995)
    Senior Site Superintendent on a 900T/D Ahlstrom Bleach Plant build for SAPPI in RSA.

  • ERDC Ltd.
  • HPN (1981 - 1985)
    Site Consulting Engineer/Commissioning Manager for SAPPI's new 1200T/D state of the art pulp and paper complex located in Ngodwana, RSA.

  • H.A., Simons Overseas Ltd. (1979 - 1981)
    Senior Site Consulting Engineer located in Ruzomberok, CSSR. This is where a new Pulp Mill Wood Handling Facility and B&W Recover Unit were built.

  • H.A., Simons Overseas Ltd. (1976-1978)
    Senior Site Manager for Jari, Brazil and Daniel K. Ludwigs's Floating Mill.

United States Projects - 14 Years Experience

  • ERDC Ltd.
    • BEC (August 2014 - November 2015)
      BEC Unit-4 Retrofit. ALSTOM dry scrubber installed for Minnesota Power coal fired boiler at Choasset, Minnesota. Burns & McDonnell was the Engineer and ERDC Ltd. supplied the site management.

    • Andritz (2013-2014)
    • Red Dog Mine (2007)

    • Simpson Paper Company Plant (1992-1997)
      Construction Manager and later project Director for Pulp Mill Improvement

  • Gotaverken Energy Systems Ltd. (1986-1987)
    Construction Manager for GESL, on the new Federal Paper Company Chemical Recovery Unit.

  • Chas T. Main Inc. (1967-1976)
    Site Resident Engineer or Construction Manager while working on various improvements in the United States.

Canadian Projects - 16 Years Experience

  • ERDC Ltd.
    • Burns & McDonnell (2015)
      Northern Alberta

    • Cabin Gas Plant (January 2011 - November 2012)
      Construction Manager

    • Burns & McDonnell (2010)
      Senior Mechanical / Structural, Sub Contract Manager, Halton Hills, Ontario.

    • Abitibi Pulp & Paper Mill (2008)
      Construction Manager, Fort Frances, Ontario (2008).

    • Geco Wilroy Project (2005)
      Manitouwadge, Ontario.

    • Kamtech Services (April 2001 - October 10, 2004)
      Construction Manager for Kamtech Services Inc. on the Weyerhaeuser Dryden, Ontario Air Emissions Project.

    • KEI Construction (2001)
      Construction Manager for KEI Construction on the Peroxide Plant Expansion in ACI Fort Frances, Ontario. This project was completed 78 days early with a smooth fast start up, there was 0 accident and 0 lost time.

    • Ahlstrom Machinery Group (1999)
      Labor Relations Manager and Site Co-coordinator for Ahlstrom Machinery Group, on the KC Mill conversion of a B&W Recovery Boiler to an Ahlstrom unit.

    • Ahlstrom Machinery Group (1997-1998)
      Senior Site Superintendent for Ahlstrom Machinery Group on the Andritz TMP plant installation at Stora, Port Hawkesbury, NS.

    • REPAP (1985-1995)
      Construction Manager for Pulp Mill improvements for REPAP located at Newcastle, NB.

  • Chas T. Main Inc. (1965-1967)
    Various Pulp and Paper Projects including new Scott Mill at NS.